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Cache Valley Food Pantry January 16, 2012

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Cart by cart they came in. Little girls

With moms, men with white hair, snot

Dripping from their noses. They get five

Breads and three deserts Moses tells me.

He takes a bite of a yellow apple that he

sets on the wooden bench behind us.


The cement room’s windows are layered with

Frost. Moses grabs the front of the carts to pull

The next person inside. Their journey beginning,

Each eye looks over the desert table As they pass.

It is their last stop.


One man blocks the path. He says again

And again that he needs a bigger box

To carry all his food on the bus.  Moses

And I empty a French bread box. He takes

It and leaves.


A woman complains about the cottage

Cheese. A volunteer with a dark beard

Who sits in a metal chair tells her that

At least it’s food. Free food.


A little Spanish girl with a pink skirt

Skips in. She grabs at the pumpkin

Cookies I am setting out. She pierces

The room with screams as her mom

Places her in the cart. No one looks

Back. They push forward.


One after the other they are lead in.

Their procession begins under a

White tarp outside and it ends

With cookies, cakes, and bread.


They smile as they put it the treats in

Their carts. Jay will want this some say.

These are Maddie’s favorite whispers

Another.  Moses in his red checkered

Jacket, face outlined in deep rivets

Smiles back.





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