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A Natural Man (Your Hair Smells Like Hair) February 10, 2012

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Safety pins synch up tears in

your jeans like stitches, shielding

thin calves from winter air. Spattered

spills of coffee, earth, and oil splash

across the fabrics front. Your blue eyes

slid away when you speak,


the natural man is good. You say.

I can crowd your possessions into

one solid box. You, a fleck of oneness

in a suspended universe fogged deep

with overstuffed objects that only dim

and retire.


Coupled with want is loneliness.

You do not want much, but do you want

me? Your breath on my neck, a bite of

my bottom lip, a suck of my mouth, a bare

night on your roommate’s pliable futon. If

I wasn’t fixed on being untraceable I might

have craved the feral words that you spewed


or the taste of your tongue after you took a

hit and slipped a sip. I am rotting from my

stumbles between friendship and lovers.

But I still covet your skin best from a distance.


Intrinsically I stroke your hair, your hands swim

down my body like a retraced path. And for the

moment we are simple. A boy and a girl linked

in rooted breaths.


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