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Wind Storm in the Desert July 29, 2012

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Dust like heavy fog.

Blood shot eyes- sand paper throat.

Howls that whip and sting.


Annular Eclipse: May 20, 2012

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A shadow melt from right corner

to center. The end: a ring of gold.


Red Slot Canyon

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Slits thin as time. Back to rock. Front

to rock. No sight. Only light above.


Night Sky in May

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How I see it the world is round.

A bubble of light and air. So



Lake Powell at Dusk

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The canyon swallows itself at night. Cliffs glow

black against purple sky.


The Jump: Fire and Water

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The desert is ablaze. Fine sand fire’s tips.

Lake Powell the blue root- alluring. Most

beautiful. Swiveled red rock soaked with

calcium carbonate. White rings of eternity

striped across rock faces. Then us.


Our glides between sweat beaten canyons,

your whisper “I feel small out here.” In

that North Carolina accent you attempt to

“enunciate” away. Burn and bury back in

the south. And forget, except to pause on

whether your parents who sent first aid kits,

flashlights, bug repellent and food still smile.


Erect on Crappie’s ledge, noon sun traces where

my hands drip at night. Over your shaven head, spills

onto your bare tattooed chest. You spring off, dive

head first into deep blue. I flick sand with my feet

that swirls like flecks of gold then sinks, I follow.

splash into the fire of newness that consumes- leaves

one whole.


A Birthday Wish (Shakespearean sonnet)

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Age is only a lie we must ignore.

You could spend eternity just counting,

and never know the beads along the shore.

It isn’t in the numbers or pressing

pause on time, it is the pass of sunlight.

The crooks and creases drawn out from wise eyes,

the curve of constant smile lines- lip tight.

Peek a boo with places. Drop mouth awe skies,

the in-between step that lasts a beat. Why

be troubled my friend? All that we hold makes

its way loose. I wish you the gift to see

each shift. The warm lit fullness to just be.