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Dreaming a Mother to Life December 12, 2012

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Once I dreamt a child in a striped shirt was left on my doorstep.

I cradled her all night, swayed in the brown recliner you


folded laundry in, while I slept upstairs.

Her body warm in my arms, head carved against my chest,


her dark hair a curly bob sliced straight at her chin. Like

my hair at six. The scent of ammonia after two perms- our hair

only different in color.


It is the only place I see you beyond gray stone. Beyond an engraved

name, the outline gone black with time- a repeated


dream. Your body wrapped in a green nightgown, the soft creek of

a swaying chair, the stroke of hands soothing fabric still hot with

dryer’s breath.


A Birthday Wish (Shakespearean sonnet) July 29, 2012

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Age is only a lie we must ignore.

You could spend eternity just counting,

and never know the beads along the shore.

It isn’t in the numbers or pressing

pause on time, it is the pass of sunlight.

The crooks and creases drawn out from wise eyes,

the curve of constant smile lines- lip tight.

Peek a boo with places. Drop mouth awe skies,

the in-between step that lasts a beat. Why

be troubled my friend? All that we hold makes

its way loose. I wish you the gift to see

each shift. The warm lit fullness to just be.


A Paean for Spring April 10, 2012

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Against the front window, white blossoms pop on

gray wood. Smells of cut grass, budding sap, and

greenness bloom.


We are awake. Sun freckles faces, colors light

over skin.


We sweat, bend, and breathe. The sacred

promise of warmth has arrived.